Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
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Photo of Announce Media's "LEGO conference room"
Logo: 36" x 20" | Wall: 8' x 12'        4,600 LEGO elements.        Completed October 4, 2010
I get asked to create a lot of logos. People love to see their logo built with LEGO bricks.

But Announce Media was determined to be different than the rest... they didn't just want a logo built with LEGO bricks for their conference room ... they wanted their entire conference room to be a LEGO lover's dream!

LEGO Conference Room, logo, by Sean Kenney

So what better way to facilitate creativity than to have an entire wall covered in baseplates ? I created a glued logo for them that sits in the center of this giant baseplate-wall, and gave them a giant bin of about 5,000 assorted LEGO bricks to build (and stick on) whatever they can imagine!

LEGO, logo, mosaic, Sean Kenney

If only every conference room was like this!

LEGO, logo, mosaic, Sean Kenney

Logo: 36" x 20"
LEGO wall: 12 feet x 8 feet