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Photo of Cargo van with grafitti
Under 6 inches long        March 18, 2003
Cargo vans like the Ford Econoline are parked on the streets all over the city. I'd like to make more like this to line my city streets. This model has a PVC pipe and a ladder on the roof, as well as a heavily grafittied side panel. The grafitti was done by hand on plain paper and then glued on.

Here is the non-grafitti side of the van. The design is a silouette of a generic New York City skyline, common on a lot of cargo vans for some reason. They most often have two tall sqaure buildings on one end (the Twin Towers), one or two tall pointy ones in the middle (the Empire State and Chrysler buildings) and a sloped on on the other end (The Citigroup Center.)

The front of the van.

Another view of the grafitti. The grafitti was done by hand on plain paper and then glued on.


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