Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
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Photo of Coraid
45" x 33" x 20"        15,600 LEGO elements.        Completed October 5, 2013

Coraid is a technology company who likes to say their product is so easy to use that "you could use it with just one hand". Thus the idea was born to create a model of their logo in a single hand, outstretched and presenting the company's brand.

My assistant, Jung Ah, took the design lead on this project. This is her "signature brick" embedded in the back of the sculpture.

Building it
This sculpture contains 15,600 LEGO pieces and took us 8 weeks to design, build, and glue.

The first step was to determine a pose for the hand. I drew these sketches and the client eventually decided on the third (rightmost) design, "open thumb". This design makes it look like the hand was presenting the logo to the viewer.

The sculpture is mounted to a heavy plywood base and held upright with an internal steel armature. A "suspension cable" pulls from the fingertips to the wrist to help give the hand additional lift.

45" x 33" x 20"