Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
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Photo of FedEx vans
Under 6 inches long        March 13, 2003
Here is the 6-wide truck; the first of the two that I'd built. The diamond plate on the front grille is actually attached with silly putty. (I know, I cheated.)

The back of the 6-wide Fed Ex van. The labels are poorly attached - with scotch tape! I later discovered that glue sticks are perfect for the job. (And used them on the other van below.)

Here you can see that the entire body of the truck (except the roof) is actually built upside-down.

I use this mechanism to attach the steering wheel and seat to the upside-down base.

I liked the way the backs of these wheels look better than the front, so I invented this method of attaching them backwards.

Here is a picture of the back of the 4-wide FedEx van.