Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
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Photo of Google logo (floating)
40" x 15" x 4"        1,500 LEGO elements.        Completed November 5, 2008
Google Denmark Copenhagen Sculpture LEGO art Sean Kenney

Google and LEGO have a fun and special history... The Google company founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, are both avid lovers of LEGO toys, as are many of the company's employees.

This is the second LEGO Google sculpture that I've made for Google, and is installed in the lobby of their new office building in Copenhagen, Denmark. (The other one is installed in Google's New York office.)

Google LEGO logo

To translate the two-dimensional logo into a three-dimensional sculpture, I decided to do a few interesting things. In Google's logo, the lettering is always shown on a white background, with a light grey "drop shadow". And the letters themselves are made to look like they have a bit of depth and roundness.

First, I opted to hang the logo on a white wall, so that the wall itself becomes the negative space around the logo. Next, I suspended the letters outwards so they seem to float in mid-air above their little grey shadows. And the letters themselves have a subtle bit of depth and curvature to them, so that when lit correctly, they appear to have the same highlights and shadows in the logo.

Google logo LEGO

It was important that the elegant, thin lines of Google's logo not be distracted by the structural supports; I think this design is very clean-looking and subtle, yet very sturdy.

LEGO Google logo.  Sculpture by Sean Kenney

Wall-mounted sculpture of company logo, built with LEGO bricks

The sculpture extends about 4 inches (10 cm) from the wall and is 40 inches (1 meter) in length.

Google sculpture.  Made with legos by artist Sean Kenney