Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
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Photo of Hockey Groom
95 LEGO elements.        Completed October 6, 2010
In lieu of my standard LEGO Bride and Groom cake toppers, one bride wanted something special.

Her fiancee is a hockey player, so I built him as a tuxedo-wearing ice-skating super-dynamic hockey-groom. As icing on the cake (wedding-figurine pun intended), I put his hockey number on the shoulders of his tux. I asked the bride to recommend he do this in real life but I don't think he did.

Hockey player LEGO sculpture by Sean Kenney

LEGO Groom, sculpture by Sean Kenney

Groom LEGO sculpture by Sean Kenney

I'd also suggested creating him in all-out in his hockey gear... here's an earlier prototype:

LEGO Hockey Player, sculpture by Sean Kenney

Hockey player LEGO sculpture by Sean Kenney