Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
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Photo of LEGO city displayed for WTC architect
May 7, 2003

In early April 2003, a public relations manager at The LEGO Company contacted me about loaning
my work to the New York City Educational Alliance.
They wanted to display my LEGO city at an event honoring Daniel Libeskind, the planner/architect
who will be rebuilding the World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan.

I enjoy architecture and of urban planning, and as a resident of Lower Manhattan, I said that I'd
be honored to.

Planning & set up

The days preceding the event, I preapared a slightly customized version of my city.
The day beforehand, I was told that I would be given a larger
area to install my work; so I prepared a larger installation for the event.

I then had to pack up my buildings, trees, cars, pedestrians, roads, and everything.
The event was being held at The Pierre, a very elegant hotel in Midtown Manhattan
about 5 miles north of my Lower Manhattan apartment. New York City streets are not known for their
smooth surfaces, but I was able to drive everything there without any damage.

Installation in the Grand Ballroom took about an hour.

The original custom installation

Final installation (Trees and cars missing in photo)

Packed for transport

The ballroom where my city was displayed.

The event

My LEGO city was installed on the main stage, next to where major New York City figures such as
Larry Silverstien,
Daniel Tishman, and
the Goldmans
stood and spoke.

After Daniel Libeskind was presented his award, standing next to my city, he gave an amazing
presentation about his World Trade Center reconstruction plan.
Afterwards, I spoke with him for a moment, and we took a picture together in front of my city.

Daniel Libeskind and I, in front of my LEGO city

My LEGO city, installed on stage.

Daniel Libeskind, speaking about his new WTC design. My city is to the right.

Other photos

Janine Papp, of the Educational Alliance

A close up of the rooftop party in my city

The event's program, mentioning my contribution