Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
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Photo of Lily and Sean
6.25 square feet        6,910 LEGO elements.        Completed August 15, 2004
This mosaic is 6.25 square feet and contains just under 10,000 pieces. It contains only primary colors - red, blue, yellow - as well as white and black. The amazing thing is that as you get further away from the mosaic, you can no longer tell that it is only primaries... you begin to see complex shades of tans, shadows, and other details.

Here is the completed mosaic. There are "hot spots" on my nose and under my eye that I plan on manually darkening up a bit.

Yours truely, working on the mosaic.

I built the mosaic by color -- That is, by first placing all the red, then all the blue, etc. It's amazing how much more white I have on my face than Lily does on hers. I'm very pastey. :)