Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
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Photo of LPL corporate logo
over 24 cubic feet in volume        32,000 LEGO elements.        Completed July 4, 2004
In July 2004, LPL Financial Services contracted me to build their logo out of LEGO for an event they were hosting in August 2004.

  • 32,000 pieces

  • 24 cubic feet

  • Built in 1 month

Over the course of the month, a photo like this was taken every 15 minutes. They were assembled into a stop-action animation that was played at the event.


Watch the logo being built (7 seconds, 124K - Quicktime)

Here is the final model. The entire logo was repeated on the back.

The lower section of the model was built entirely using clear 1x2 bricks. It was very challenging to glue them without the glue showing!

To keep the area see-through, I did not use a lot of lower supports, and as a result, a lot of warping and damage occurred when the model was shipped. After the event, the logo was sent back to me for repair; I am currently re-building the model for its permanent installation at LPL's headquarters.

Here is a close-up of the lettering and the clear area.

Here I am with the logo, about to be shipped. It was built in 9 seperate "stackable" sections, each glued together so that they could be easily assembled onsite. Unfortunetly, the poorly-reinforced lower clear sections were damaged en route, so the model became very difficult to assemble onsite.

I am reinforcing it with metal piping, a wood baseboard, and fusing all 9 sections together. It will be re-shipped as one piece in a large crate.

My fiancee Lily sorted 10,000 of the pieces in one day! And she didn't go crosseyed. :)

To get the model done in such a short time frame, Lily helped out on some of the "plain, flat" parts of the logo, while I concentrated on the detailed areas.

Yours truely, and a nearly-completed model.