Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
Nature Connects
Photo of Nature Connects

Nature Connects is an award-winning, record-breaking exhibition now touring North America. Created with over 2 million LEGO pieces, this show features over 100 sculptures built with LEGO bricks by New York artist Sean Kenney.
Sean Kenney's Nature Connects, award winning exhibit of sculptures built with LEGO pieces Nature Connects is foremost an educational platform and secondarily a means of artistic expression.

I hope that you can look at Nature Connects and appreciate both nature and the sculptures as something beautiful, and I also hope you're inspired to go home and create something wonderful yourself. Sean Kenney's Nature Connects, award winning exhibit of sculptures built with LEGO pieces
Just as LEGO pieces interconnect, everything in nature is interconnected in a delicate balance. Insects and plants have important relationships; different species of animals have special relationships with each other; animals have connections with their families just like we do.

And of course, people have a connection with nature, whether you're trimming a bonsai tree or planting a garden, or anything else: you are a part of nature. Sean Kenney's Nature Connects, award winning exhibit of sculptures built with LEGO pieces
Now open in Vero Beach, Florida through Sunday May 7, 2017 at McKee Botanical Garden

Now open in Omaha, Nebraska through Monday May 15, 2017 at Lauritzen Gardens

Now open in Jacksonville, Florida through Sunday May 7, 2017 at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Now open in Memphis, Tennessee through Sunday July 9, 2017 at Memphis Zoo

If you're interested in having Nature Connects come to your venue, contact us.
Sean Kenney's Nature Connects, award winning exhibit of sculptures built with LEGO pieces
Now on tour
McKee Botanical Garden
Vero Beach, Florida
November 4, 2016 to
May 7, 2017

Lauritzen Gardens
Omaha, Nebraska
January 11, 2017 to
May 15, 2017

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
Jacksonville, Florida
January 13, 2017 to
May 7, 2017

Memphis Zoo
Memphis, Tennessee
March 3, 2017 to
July 9, 2017

Houston Zoo
Houston, Texas
May 18, 2017 to
September 4, 2017

Royal Botanical Gardens
Burlington, Ontario Canada
May 19, 2017 to
August 20, 2017

Cleveland Botanical Garden
Cleveland, Ohio
May 27, 2017 to
August 27, 2017

Antwerp Zoo, Planckendael
Mechelen, Belgium
June 1, 2017 to
September 17, 2017

Virginia Living Museum
Newport News, Virginia
July 21, 2017 to
November 26, 2017

Huntsville Botanical Garden
Huntsville, Alabama
September 1, 2017 to
November 26, 2017

National Taiwan Science Education Center 國立臺灣科學教育館
Taipei, Taiwan
December 20, 2017 to
February 8, 2018

National Science and Technology Museum 國立科學工藝博物館
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
March 13, 2018 to
May 13, 2018

Louisville Zoo
Louisville, Kentucky
April 15, 2018 to
September 3, 2018

Museum of the Shenandoah Valley
Winchester, Virginia
May 4, 2018 to
September 3, 2018

Green Bay Botanical Garden
Green Bay, Wisconsin
May 25, 2018 to
August 19, 2018

Red Butte Garden
Salt Lake City, Utah
June 2, 2018 to
August 26, 2018

San Antonio Botanical Garden
San Antonio, Texas
August 31, 2018 to
December 31, 2018

Reiman Gardens
Ames, Iowa
June 22, 2019 to
September 11, 2019

Memphis Zoo
Memphis, Tennessee
January 17, 2019 to
September 2, 2019

Earlier years Reiman Gardens, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
Saturday April 14, 2012 to
Sunday October 28, 2012

Lauritzen Gardens, Omaha, Nebraska
Saturday February 2, 2013 to
Sunday May 19, 2013

Powell Gardens, Kansas City, Missouri
Saturday June 1, 2013 to
Sunday September 29, 2013

The North Carolina Arboretum, Asheville, NC
Friday October 11, 2013 to
Sunday January 5, 2014

A closer look at some of the sculptures