Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
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Photo of New York Magazine
February 16, 2004
My LEGO city was photographed for the cover of New York Magazine's March 8 2004 issue.
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The published photos

The first photo was meant to go on the cover of the magazine. Unfortunately, the cover was pulled at the last minute. (The editor-in-chief actually quit the week before the issue was printed, and in that time, the new editor decided to use a blond woman on the cover instead.) :(

They, instead, ran this photo as a lead-in for the issue's Real Estate article, and included the text you see here.

This photo was used as a full-page compliment to the article. As an editorial on the housing probelms in Manhattan, the picture shows a long line of LEGO people who have assembled for an "open house".

New York Magazine logo in LEGO

The cover also would have included a LEGO version of the New York Magazine logo that I built.

The photo shoot

The photos were taken by a professional photographer named Holly Lindem who has done work for Discover Magazine, US News & World Report, and Popular Science, among others.