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Photo of Old stone house
12x12x6"        7,500 LEGO elements.        Completed August 22, 2012

I was recently commissioned to build a replica of this personal residence located in Pennsylvania. The owners were moving away, and wanted to take it with them to help remember the great memories they forged in their home. The model is about 12" x 12" x 6" and uses over 7,500 LEGO pieces.

The historic home is a classically-shaped center hall colonial with a few additions that were added over its life. But I think the single defining feature of the house is the fieldstone brick fašade that gives the whole house a texture and a unique blended-color look. Initially I assumed that replicating it would be unrealistic, so I tried prototyping the house using a single LEGO color... but it just didn't look right without the brick pattens.

So I decided to replicated the fieldstone brick fašade, using over 6,000 1x1 and 1x2 plates in four colors (Dark gray, brown, dark tan, and a few flecks of gray.) Another row of big blocky LEGO bricks is built behind the fašade and gives the model its strength. It was a ton of work (2 weeks, instead of 2 days!) but I think it was worth it.

Another tidbit I was particularly happy with was the little white cornice detailing... can you tell what pieces I used to create the subtle little white bumps below the roofline?


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