Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
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Photo of Orange boy
25" x 30"        5,600 LEGO elements.        Completed December 23, 2010
LEGO artist Sean Kenney - Portraiture

When commissioned to create a portrait of this boy, I was told that his favorite color was orange. So I oranged it up!

As always, my portraits are hand-drawn (not computer-generated) and mounted to a wooden backing similar to a canvas painting.

It was tricky to make sure the background didn't blend with his shirt, and did you notice how the background is different on each side? The left is orange-on-yellow, and the right is yellow-on-orange... Since orange is darker than yellow, this helps make the background look less "flat" and a bit more naturally-lit.

Hmm, suddenly I want some Tropicana and a bowl of mac-and-cheese...

25" x 30"