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Photo of Rebuilding LEGO
4 feet wide, 3 feet tall        2,375 LEGO elements.        Completed September 1, 2007
LEGO photoshoot

A business magazine called strategy+business has published an article about the great challenges that The LEGO Group has faced in recent years... and the wonderful job CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp has done making the company successful once again.

professional LEGO artist / custom magazine visuals

We thought it would be fun to have LEGO mini-figures literally rebuilding the word "LEGO", brick by brick, tying very subtly into the article's title, "Rebuilding LEGO, Brick by Brick".

Rebuilding LEGO brick by brick, strategy+business magazine September 2007

LEGO magazine article

If you ask me, all business strategy magazines should have LEGO minifigures within their pages. CFOs love that stuff.

LEGO magazine article LEGO magazine article

On the surface, the Lego Group didn’t look as if it was in trouble. The fourth-largest toymaker in the world at the time (today it is fifth-largest), the Lego Group sold €1 billion (US$1.35 billion) worth of toys in 2004, ranging from its snap-together bricks for young children to Mindstorms, a line of do-it-yourself robot kits for older kids. Even in the digital age, its toys maintained a surprisingly firm grip on the market and seemed to adapt well to changing tastes. The company’s steady stream of new products routinely generated three-quarters of its yearly sales. Popular enthusiasm was so great that in 2000, the British Association of Toy Retailers joined Fortune magazine in naming the company’s classic bricks “the toy of the century.”

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