Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
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Photo of Schou teak and wicker table
4 feet long. Half life-size.        11,000 LEGO elements.        Completed October 16, 2006
Sean was commissioned to build three LEGO sculptures of furniture pieces designed by Schou, a Danish furniture company. Since LEGO products are also from Denmark, Schou felt the sculptures would be a fun and unique way to illustrate their background with something that Americans can easily recognize.


The largest of the three is a half-scale teak and wicker picnic table. Sean prototyped several versions before arriving at the design you see here, which he felt best captured the subtle curved lines of the table while maintaining the texture of wicker.

To accomplish this, the entire table base is actually offset on a 45-degree angle, zig-zagging LEGO bricks at a corrosponding 45-degree angle to create a straight, textured wall.

table table

To contrast the texture of wicker, the smooth teak tabletop was created by turning a wall of bricks on their sides, to expose the smooth side of the LEGO bricks.

To acheive a uniform look from underneath, a coordinated mesh of LEGO struts inside the 1-inch-thick tabletop hold the 8-square-foot area rigid.


This LEGO table is half-scale, or half the size of the real table. The model is 4 feet long and uses 11,000 LEGO elements. It was displayed alongside the original table at an event in October 2006.


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