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275 LEGO elements.        Completed August 7, 2004
As one might guess, I am a big proponent of creativity and expression. To me, there is no greater joy than to be able to create something with your hands that invokes a response in others, from a smile or a laugh to thoughtful introspection.

It seems to me, however, that society as a whole puts very little emphasis on exploring one's creative side. Instead, we are taught as a whole that to be "successful" we should go to school, get good grades, and then go and get a good job. We are taught, overall, that "good" students excel in math and science, while "lazy" students take auto shop and sewing.

I followed society's advice. In college, I majored in Computer Science. I took a lot of math classes. I even interned for 3 years at my university's telecommunications division. I thought that I was doing the "right thing".

All the while I loved the arts. I founded a cartoonist's organization at the University. I drew a daily cartoon strip for the student newspaper. And in between my "serious" classes, I took classes in scuplture, photography, drawing, animation, and music. I even almost joined the Glee Club.

It never occurred to me that I always got "A's" in my art classes, even though I never once got an "A" in any other class. I didn't even feel like I was "working", because I enjoyed my art classes so much.

Now it is many years later, and as I write this, it is my job to sit at a computer in a beige cubicle and write computer programs. I am paid well. My environs are temperate. My chair is comfortable.

I am the man in this model. Society tells me I am successful.


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