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Photo of Plastic Shatner
3 feet tall        9,000 LEGO elements.        Completed June 15, 2007
The Shatner Show is Sean Kenney's premier gallery exhibition. Sean spent over 180 hours creating the 9000-piece LEGO sculpture of William Shatner, which is offered for sale at the gallery. A portion of all sales will go toward a charity of William Shatner's choice.

Plastic Shatner

William Shatner's presence in everything he does somehow removes the glittery plastic coating that the media normally glosses onto Hollywood. After surviving a typecast that would have otherwise smothered a weaker personality, he has emerged defiantly proud, and rightfully amused at the world of celebrities that he regardlessly inhabits.

LEGO Captian Kirk, Nightmare at 30,000 feet, and spoken word

Three miniatures representing his past are designed to sit in front of and beneath the sculpture, illustrating his rise beyond (and due to) his past. Depicted are the buisinessman in "Nightmare at 20,000 feet", Star Trek's iconic Captian James T. Kirk, and Shatner singing in his spoken-word style.

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Buy the 128-page companion book, $35 USD. Features the work of all 76 artists at the show; includes 5 pages of Sean's LEGO sculptures.

The sculpture was unveiled as the centerpiece of the show at the Uppercase Gallery in Calgary Canada on June 15, 2007.

Plastic Shatner: Art gallery opening

LEGO William Shatner art gallery display

Sean was interviewd by Canada's "Global TV News" about the sculpture.

LEGO Shatner TV interview

The exhibition

Shatner has personally endorsed the project by saying, "Every artist has their muse. Leonardo was inspired by the ceiling in the great chapel. Michelangelo found his art in the Italian marble. Who am I to stand in the way of all these fine artists and artisans who want to use my lumpy, aging face for inspiration? Some creators love a great sunset; some have in mind my bloodshot eyes. Nevertheless, out of awe, amusement, or pity, you should come and see this unique show.

UPPERCASE Gallery is located on the upper floor of Art Central at the corner of 7th Avenue SW and Center Street in Calgary.

An interview with the gallery curator, featuring the LEGO sculpture: Global Canada TV News (3.4MB Quicktime movie)

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Companion book, $35 128 pages
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Uppercase Gallery
#204, 100 - 7th Ave SW
Calgary AB, Canada

June 16 to August 31, 2007
Mondays - Saturdays: 11am - 5pm
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