Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
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Photo of Wrigley Field
63" x 61" x 14"        57,960 LEGO elements.        Completed March 28, 2013
This scale model of Wrigley Field is part of my touring exhibit, Big Leagues Little Bricks, celebrating the beauty and lore of baseball as a part of Americana. The show is on display at the Louisville Slugger Museum now through September 2013.

The model is over 5 feet wide, contains 57,960 LEGO pieces, and took 649 hours to build.

The invisible man in attendance.

The Simpsons!

The fan with the worst seat.

A line of fat guys waiting for hot dogs.


Blues mobile!

Darth and the stormies head off for a pretzel.

And of course my little signature brick, buried in the loading dock.