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Photo of Audi TT
1:20 scale        350 LEGO elements.        Completed April 6, 2006
This model TT was originally built in August 2004, alongside the lumbering Chevy Suburban. In April 2006 built a second TT for a client in the UK, who requested a slight redesign to accomodate EU-sized license plates.

In my various encounters with LEGO Master Builders and modelmakers, I've learned that sometimes the most impressive and interesting LEGO models are those that align with the basic LEGO element's form and function.

Rather than trying to "stretch" LEGO to do what you want by turning pieces upside down or finding rare bizzare shaped parts, if you work within the world of the basic LEGO brick, you can achieve fantastic and beautiful results. I adopted those principles when I built this Audi TT (and the contrasting Chevy Suburban, built together).

I'm very happy with the overall results, mostly because it shows how stepping LEGO pieces carefully can result in very subtle and familliar shapes, even in smaller models.