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Nature Connects

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Nature Connects is an award-winning travelling exhibition built with LEGO bricks that tours botanical gardens, arboretums, and zoos around the world.
"An incredible exhibition" - Lonely Planet     "Bound to make visitors stare" - Vogue
Wowing guests and breaking attendance records since 2012
8 years ago, Nature Connects introduced LEGO bricks to botanical gardens, zoos, and arboretums around the world.   Guests spend their day immersed in a beautiful landscape and discovering playful, beautiful artwork built with LEGO bricks... it's a special experience that's unique to our exhibit.  

Creating art with LEGO bricks
Sean believes that a sculpture built with LEGO bricks needs to be more that just a stack of pieces pressed together the right way... It has to have a spirit; a spark; some magic; and a story.   The sculptures in this exhibition were designed and crafted with care and painstaking detail over the course of many years by Sean and his team of Brooklyn-based artists.  

Exploring humanity's relationship with nature
The sculptures in Nature Connects are playful and enjoyable, while at the same time reflecting important topics such as the balance of ecosystems, natural harmony, and humanity's relationship with nature.   Contact us to learn more about our artistic and educational messaging, and the hands-on activities that come with the exhibit.
Sean Kenney's Nature Connects, award winning exhibit of sculptures built with LEGO pieces
Sean Kenney's Nature Connects, award winning exhibit of sculptures built with LEGO pieces
If you're interested in having Nature Connects come to your venue, contact us.
Tour schedule

Over 30 sculptures in all (click each for more)