Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
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Photo of Bride and groom
1:20 scale        60 LEGO elements.        Completed July 15, 2004
LEGO bride and groom cake topper figurines

Free custom hair colors
Fully glued, hand-made
Height: About 3 inches (7cm)
Width: About 3 inches (7cm)
Additional personalization by request
Instructions & care tips included
Ships worldwide

$79.00, plus shipping

LEGO Bride & Groom wedding cake topper

Bride hair color options
LEGO bride: Blonde
Blonde hair

LEGO bride: Brown hair
Brown hair

LEGO bride: Black hair
Black hair

LEGO bride: Redhead
Natural red hair

LEGO bride: Red hair
Dyed red hair

LEGO bride: Gray hair
Gray hair

Groom hair color options
LEGO groom: Blonde
Blonde hair

LEGO groom: Brown hair
Brown hair

LEGO groom: Black hair
Black hair

LEGO groom: Redhead
Natural red hair

LEGO groom: Red hair
Dyed red hair

LEGO groom: Gray hair
Gray hair

LEGO groom: Receding

LEGO groom: Bald

Flower color options
LEGO flowers: Red
Red flowers

LEGO flowers: Pink
Pink flowers

LEGO flowers: White
White flowers

LEGO flowers: Yellow
Yellow flowers

Engagement portraits and wedding cakes ... in LEGO bricks!
$79   ( Fully glued )   Usually ships in 2 business days.

Bride's hair
Groom's hair
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Additional personalization
Engraved bases (sample), kids (sample), pets (sample), hairstyles (sample), custom attire, gay/lesbian, or whatever else you'd like can be created on request.
About the artist
Sean is a LEGO Certified Professional,
licensed by The LEGO Group of Companies.

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