Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
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New York LEGO artist Sean Kenney will build a replica of yourself in LEGOs for $450. Life-size LEGO likeness. Your face in legos. LEGO portrait sculptures b y artist Sean Kenney. Get yourself sculpted in LEGOs. Save money and skip Neiman Marcus. "If you want to give a homeboy the business instead, try Sean Kenney ... he takes commissions, too." - The Village Voice.
Portrait of a mother and child in LEGOs LEGO wedding portrait for your wedding
LEGO portrait of your child Professor Meowington the cat LEGO portrait
Made entirely with LEGO bricks, fully glued, mounted on a wood backing, signed & dated by the artist.
  $695 $950 $1695
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Custom LEGO art
President Obama
Grayscale portrait
Magoo the dog