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nature-themed LEGO exhibits
LEGO animal exhibit
LEGO sculptures in zoos and botanical gardens
LEGO zoo exhibit, LEGO arboretum, LEGO botanical garden
NOW OPEN!  — Topeka — Western Tennessee — and Wichita!    Visitor info
"Incredible"-The Washington Post
Just as LEGO pieces interconnect, everything in nature is connected in a delicate balance.

Sean's exhibits illustrate the balance of ecosystems, the beauty of nature, and humanity's relationship with nature.
"An incredible exhibition"
Lonely Planet
"Inspiring", "artistic", and "ambitious", "Kenney has perfected his ability"
Smithsonian Magazine
"Lego fans of all ages won't want to miss this exhibit"
Chicago Daily Herald
"Each sculpture touches people as both a reflection from their childhood and as a sculptural piece of art."
The Daily Mail
"Bound to make visitors stare"
"Stunning ... lovely ... dazzling", and "grandiose"
"Talented"-The New York Times
Sean's work is playful, touching, and thought-provoking. He hopes you can appreciate both nature and the sculptures as something beautiful, and become inspired to create something wonderful yourself.
Invite your guests on an inspirational journey at Nature Connects® — an award-winning exhibition of art displaying the work of artist Sean Kenney, known for his incredible ability to create striking sculptures using simple LEGO toys. This record-breaking outdoor exhibition will surprise and delight visitors of all ages.
Bring a POP of color to your venue with Nature POP!® — a new exhibition from artist Sean Kenney. Featuring over 40 sculptures made from more than 800,000 LEGO® pieces, the exhibition explores the beauty of nature through contemporary, stylized, and colorful displays that blend art, science, and innovation. At times whimsical, bold, and bombastic, Nature POP! asks: just as LEGO bricks interconnect, how is everything in nature interconnected?
Learn all about shape, structure, color, design, and the intersection of science and art through fun activities and one-of-a-kind sculptures built with LEGO bricks. You'll journey through a real artist’s eye-popping workshop and learn firsthand how creativity and exploration can lead to incredible discoveries and innovations. Immerse yourself in play through engaging activities and discover the transformative power of creativity and innovation.
Follow Sean on his magical bicycle as you explore our world ... from under the sea, to the Antarctic, the savanna, and even your own back yard. Sean’s amazing ability to use his artistic and engineering skills to create incredible sculptures will teach you about the natural world and humankind’s connection with nature. BRICK PLANET invites you to see the world through a new lens, and to consider how science and art come together to deepen our appreciation of the beauty around us.
Marvel at the science behind the land-based, airborne, and aquatic creatures that evolved to possess their very own “super powers” such as super-strength, echolocation, and regenerating limbs. Packed with STEAM content, and featuring sculptures made with LEGO® bricks by artist Sean Kenney, Animal Super Powers is ripped straight from the pages of your favorite comic books!
Sean talks about his process
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