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"Talented" — The New York Times                      "A gifted artist" — The LEGO Company
“Lifelike” , “inspiring”, and “ambitious”, “Kenney has perfected his ability to capture the essence of different species” — Smithsonian Magazine
"Imbued with a surprising realism and the polish and refinement that belie their source material." — Slate
”Sean Kenney's works have incredible complexity”.   "Beautiful in their own right ... The materials may be different, but the search for new expression and artistic truth is exactly the same.”  — Vox
LEGO as a medium
Sean believes that art made with LEGO bricks needs to be more that just a stack of pieces pressed together the right way... It has to have a spirit; a spark; some magic; and a story.

Formerly a published cartoonist and a graphic designer, he has always seen the world through an artistic lens, and is always striving to push the limits of how LEGO can be used as a creative medium in new and interesting ways.
Sean's work is available for exhibition, and new pieces can be created on commission. Work with Sean
Creating art from within
Sean strives to put his own personal imprint onto everything that he does. His work is equal parts touching, colorful, bold, and gentle.

His sculptures have been designed and crafted with care and painstaking detail over the course of nearly 20 years.

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Older work: Before 2015 ... Before 2010 ... Before 2005