Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
The 1949 Auto Show     ‹ Back to portfolio
Photo of The 1949 Auto Show
1:20 scale        1,100 LEGO elements.        Completed May 19, 2003
This scene was built in conjunction with my 1949 Chevy Pickup ... a friend of mine kept pushing for me to "do more" with my truck, and it eventually manifested itself into a scene from what I imagine an auto show would look like in the 1940s.

Everthing you see here was built using a the LEGO "Designer" sets that came out in mid 2003. I would have made a lot more detail (walls, for example) :) but the selection of pieces limited me in many ways. (Yet also sparked ideas!)

Here's an old hobbly man making his way through the showroom.

I searched the internet for authentic period Chevrolet advertisements, printed them out, and attached them to the showroom.

Here is a wider shot of the diorama. (Sorry about the poor lighting)

Art deco accents are all over the place. (Such as the doorway on the right, and the flag stand in the lower left.)

And check out that guy's doo-wop hairdo, behind the lady in the frilly blue dress. :)

Dad's pretty excited about running over to see the shiny new truck, but his little girl is just tromping about, interested in something else..

A photographer takes a picture of the truck with an old-fashioned camera.